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June Clark

June Clark

Hi, I’m June Clark

I am a 55yrs old mother and grandmother who has lived in Horden from an early age. I attended Grammar School in Hartlepool and worked in the Pharmacy Department at Hartlepool General Hospital before leaving to start my family. While raising my family I took low paid part time jobs where I could, to fit in with their care. Several were as a cleaner but I went on to combine being a registered child minder with working in local fish and chip shops. I’ve recently retired from a senior management position within Durham County Council which required me to attain new further educational qualifications in later life. However many people still hail me from my days of working in the ‘chippy’!

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party since 2004.However I was brought up in a home where my parents, particularly my mother were Labour Party activist. Indeed I have clear memories of addressing and delivering election leaflets after school and helped out locally where I could at election times throughout my youth. My grandchildren help me with this now.

I am a regular attendee at Branch Meetings. I am a Branch delegate to my CLP and was a CLP delegate on the Local Government Committee until its demise this year. I have been active in fundraising for my Branch, have attended regional LP training events and attended a national Trades Union Protest rally in London with other members of my CLP. I have encouraged and supported three new members to join my branch. I regularly keep contact with LP members who choose not to attend Branch meetings or who are LP supporters but not members.

I have been a member of Unison for over 18 years and acted as a link ensuring that TU information or issues were shared in my work area while at DCC.

I am passionate about the application of equality, having experienced several types of discrimination in my personal and working life. I championed this in my working career and implemented training available to me but have also attended TU sponsored seminars on Racism and Equality issues affecting our region.

I joined Horden Regeneration Partnership in 2004 and have been elected as Chair for the past four years. During this time our group has achieved success in many projects and is well respected as a consultation medium by partners in statutory and voluntary agencies.

I am an active trustee of the management board of Horden Youth and Community Centre and hold the position of Vice Treasurer. HYCC provides many unique training and community facilities within our area.

I regularly attend local AAP meetings and am particularly active within the focus groups which were identified as our priorities this year.

I have been an active Parish Councillor for eight years and hold several committee positions. My community involvements assist me greatly in understanding the needs of my community.

I’m proud to be seeking your County Councillor. My personal, work and many volunteering experiences inform the way I represent our community at County Hall.

I have been an active Parish Councillor for 10 years and am a hands-on trustee of Horden Youth & Community Centre.

In my role as chair of Horden Regeneration Partnership I have led partnership working which has seen the creation of our award winning and well loved Heritage Coastal Footpath, remodelling of Blackhills Road and the creation of new footpaths, street lighting and car parks around our village.

I seek your vote to enable me to use my knowledge and experience to champion our community in the new term of the County Council.


Paul Stradling

Paul StradlingHi, I’m Paul Stradling

Born in Horden, I have lived here all of my life.

My working life was spent at Horden and Easington Collieries where I learnt the values of the mining community.

Throughout the past 12 years as your County Councillor I have tried to protect and promote those values – at all times putting the people of Horden’s interests first.

Recently despite massive cuts in government funding I have

  • Secured funding for a Railway Station in Horden and a link road to provide an alternative route to and from our village.
  • Retained Roseby Road Centre as a community venue.
  • Introduced new Citizens Advice Bureau facilities to help combat unfair Welfare Reforms.

I’ve helped prevent

  • The outright closure of our Library
  • The withdrawal of the 230 bus service
  • Unworkable reductions in availability of our Waste Recycling Centre

In spite of unwanted change in Council administration, I have sought to ensure satisfactory levels of service delivery to our village and reacted quickly when failures have occurred.

I have gained funding to allow many local groups pursue their activity and, successfully represented many individuals from County Hall to County Court.

Durham County Council: Local Government Chronicle Council of the Year 2014

Scrap the Bedroom Tax

Scrap the bedroom tax
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